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Cora is ONE!!
I can’t believe her year went by so fast! I’m sure going to miss our sessions every few months. I get so attached to my grow with me babies and their momma’s. I love watching them grow and develop their little personalities. <3

I’m going to try to keep up with this blogging thing this time so here’s a few shots of the cuteness that went on for Cora’s session. :)
Happy Friday!!

Marriage | Grace Claire Photography

Marriage. Love. and all that Jazz.

Happy 30 Year Anniversary to my parents.

These two are the prime example of what a marriage should be like.
They are pretty inseparable and just an amazing couple all around.
They fight but they love harder. They are there for each other and for us… and you.
They are better together.
When my Mom isn’t around my Dad spends half his life looking for her. She has a habit of disappearing and he walks around with wide eyes wondering where she’s wandered off to:) ( You’d have to know them to understand I think, because she doesn’t literally disappear. )
My mom is definitely a Proverbs 31 woman. She takes care of my Dad like no other. She makes sure his plate is fixed on the table. And buys him new clothes if he just mentions he needs something. She stands by him.
My Daddy treats her like the queen that we all know she is:) He protects her and makes her laugh and laugh and laugh. ;)

I look up to these two so much and for so many reasons. I am so so so proud these two are MY people. My example.
Happy Anniversary to the most amazing Parents, Pastors, and Friends a girl could ever ask for.

Hello You.

Hey guys!
These past few months have been a whirlwind for me! I’m not sure about you, but I am so so excited for what this new year has to bring. I’ve had a lot of changes in my life and I’m so excited for what God is doing in this season.
I feel like my business is taking a turn this year for the better. I am always working on what I can do better and what works and what doesn’t. This year I want to bring more art, more passion, but also remember that simple is also so so beautiful.
Looking forward to another year with some of the most amazing clients. Thank you guys for choosing me:) Below is a few sessions from October – December that I didn’t get a chance to blog:)
Your Photographer

Danielle and Kaynen {Engaged}

Hey guys!
Danielle is the sweetest ! She contacted me for engagement pictures and ended up booking the whole sha bang. Wedding and all in the matter of a few emails. We hit it off right away. I love this girl and can’t wait for their wedding. I know it’s going to be super fun because Kaynen and Danielle are super awesome.
I loved finally meeting the both of them. They seem so laid back and up for whatever. I follow Danielle on Instagram and noticed and that they like fun and like the outdoors so I wanted to take a spin on that and make a setting thats outdoorsy and romantic. I love how their session came out and I’m already planning something amazing for her bridals.
Looking forward to this next year with this adorable couple:)
Peace out!

Helllooooooo 35 Wide!

Let’s talk gear.
I recently bought the Sigma 35mm and was a little skeptical because all I ever buy is Nikon brand.
I read the reviews over and over… and over. I caved. I bought it and I am in LOVE. Super sharp lens. So much variety. I love the look it gives me. I also like the little bit of distortion on the sides. I can’t say enough good things about this lens. It’s heavy and I like it.
I bought it to use for my newborn sessions at my clients home, just to give me a little more space. I got it in a few weeks ago and it hasn’t come off my camera. I didn’t think I would like it because I love my 50. My 50 is my baby, but this here…this 35 is right up there. I may just have to name it. ;)
I just think it fits me so well and goes with my style.
So, if you were thinking about getting it, now maybe I just confirmed your thinking haha:)

( I am in no way affiliated with Sigma, I just really really love my purchase.)

Daddy O { Happy Birthday }

So, there’s this man that I’ve looked up to my whole life….
He’s my friend.
He’s my Daddy.
He’s my Pastor.
He’s one of my top role models.
He’s the guy you want to look up to.
He’s the guy that you want on your side, because he will pour his whole heart into you.
He’s the funniest Dad ever.
He’s the best Poppie to his girls.
He’s not perfect but tries to live a life holy and pleasing to God the best he can, and it shows.
He’s real.
He’s passionate about his dreams.
He’s my favorite Daddy in the whole world and I’m so honored to say I’m his little girl.

Happy Birthday Daddy!
(If you know him, you know this picture is a total joke;) He really is a happy go lucky guy.)
Grace Claire Photography

A Momma and her Loves { Family Session }

I love love love this session. A Momma and her loves. Her babies. I love it.
Danielle is super super sweet and I just love her little family:)
Oh my goodness these boys… They crack me up! Their personalities are hilarious. They had me laughing throughout the entire shoot:)
And Bethany is one pretty girl! Oh my goodness. So so sweet to her brothers and they all actually loved on each other. No one freaked out when I said “scoot a little closer.”:)

Danielle has some pretty amazing kids that’s for sure and you can tell they LOVE their momma:)
We threw their cousin Hunter in for a couple of shots for Grandma too!
This shoot is one of my top favorites for family sessions, hands down.

Jenna {Senior Girl}

I love Seniors. I really really really love photographing Seniors.
I’ve had lots and lots of babies and bellies lately, which I am not complaining about one bit, I love them. I also love Seniors. Oh my goodness…they are one of my favorite people to photograph. This is such a huge milestone to reach and I feel so blessed I get to be apart of this moment in their lives.
Photography is not just a job to me, it’s not just some awesome adventure I’m on, it’s so much more. Every time I get to photograph a baby, senior,wedding, or any session for that matter…It’s a huge deal to me. You can ask my people closest to me, I get knots in my stomach. It’s a huge deal to photograph these very special moments and I don’t take it lightly. :) I love what I do and pour my heart into each session.

Now back to Miss Jenna.
Oh Jenna. I just love her whole session. She was up for anything and was willing to go explore:) We found a couple of cool spots and it just fit her outfits perfectly:)
Jenna is such a sweet girl and so easy going. I wish you the best Jenna, can’t wait to see what your future holds:))
Peace out!

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