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One day… One day I’ll get this website completely updated and it will be so pretty and perfect. For now though, I’d love for you to follow me on Facebook and Instagram. I’m just not that put together and can’t keep up with this wonderful thing I call a blog. :P

If you found yourself on this website, I’m so happy you’re here! And I would love to hear from you! You can always fill out the little contact form to book a session but follow me on Facebook for my recent work and updates :)

By the way… Meet Lucy.
She’s my little Sunshine Girl. My sprinkle to my cupcake. My littlest baby. <3
We. are. smitten. <3<3<3

Emma and Madeline | Sisters | Christmas | Portraits | Houma, La | Grace Claire Photography

Hey y’all!
12 Days till Christmas! Can you believe it? This year has gone by SO fast! My girls are growing up way too quick for me.
It has been a pretty good year for Grace Claire Photography. I was busier than I’ve ever been and feels like each year progresses more:) I am so so thankful for the clients that have stuck with me. Lots of growing going on over here.

Just a little about me:
Grace Claire Photography comes from my girls names: Emma Grace and Madeline Claire:) My name is Jessica but most people call me Jess/Jessie.
I am a one woman business. I do all the emailing, ordering, shooting, editing, Facebooking… just me. I am a very big coffee lover and love all things chocolate.  I have an amazing husband who also works full time and we both are in ministry at our church.
We love Jesus :)  We have two girlies and are going to add to our little family hopefully in the near future one of these days ( hoping and praying and more praying haha) :) I would say we stay pretty busy!
I feel like my photography business is going to take a big turn this year. For the good… I want to blow you guys away with amazing work and more giving.
I try to achieve that the best I can now but we always have to strive to be better right?
I say this all the time in my Facebook posts but I’ll say it again… I want to be your photographer. I want to grow with your family. I want your kids to know me and because they know me they are comfortable and you in return receive amazing images.
Little side note: This year I’m going to offer special pricing for my returning clients( Grow With Me and Portrait Clients.)  I just want you to KNOW that I do appreciate you. I don’t advertise about deals hardly ever because I like to surprise you at the end. I want you coming to me for me not because of a deal. This new year is going to be awesome you guys.

Thanks for reading my ramblings. I will try to be a frequent blogger this year. Maybe share whats on my heart a little more and not so much “businessy” stuff. :)
Have a great day you guys.

Christmas Mini Session|Houma, Louisiana|Grace Claire Photography

WOW! It’s gonna be the bomb diggity!
It’s MINI Session time and there are only FIVE spots left!
I am super limited on available dates this year and only taking a very limited number of sessions in December. So these mini session dates are a steal! Not only a great deal but weekend dates at that:)
Please email your inquiries to me ( Jess ) at
Let’s make some memories.

P.S. I’m bringing cookies;)

Mini Session| Houma Louisiana
Mini Session| Houma Louisiana

Ellie | Grow With Me | One Year | Grace Claire Photography


Juliana|3 Month|Grow With Me|Grace Claire Photography| Houma, Louisiana

I love photographing this beautiful baby girl and her parents every few months. It makes my heart happy when clients truly love their images. I walked in their house for her session and immediately had butterflies because they had already printed pictures from her newborn session. This makes my heart burst with happiness, for real guys. I love seeing photographs I’ve taken on your walls. LOVE LOVE LOVE. <3

Allyce Aimee| Newborn| Grace Claire Photography| Houma, Louisiana

Introducing Allyce Aimee Johnson!

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