Helllooooooo 35 Wide!

Let’s talk gear.
I recently bought the Sigma 35mm and was a little skeptical because all I ever buy is Nikon brand.
I read the reviews over and over… and over. I caved. I bought it and I am in LOVE. Super sharp lens. So much variety. I love the look it gives me. I also like the little bit of distortion on the sides. I can’t say enough good things about this lens. It’s heavy and I like it.
I bought it to use for my newborn sessions at my clients home, just to give me a little more space. I got it in a few weeks ago and it hasn’t come off my camera. I didn’t think I would like it because I love my 50. My 50 is my baby, but this here…this 35 is right up there. I may just have to name it. ;)
I just think it fits me so well and goes with my style.
So, if you were thinking about getting it, now maybe I just confirmed your thinking haha:)

( I am in no way affiliated with Sigma, I just really really love my purchase.)

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