Daddy O { Happy Birthday }

So, there’s this man that I’ve looked up to my whole life….
He’s my friend.
He’s my Daddy.
He’s my Pastor.
He’s one of my top role models.
He’s the guy you want to look up to.
He’s the guy that you want on your side, because he will pour his whole heart into you.
He’s the funniest Dad ever.
He’s the best Poppie to his girls.
He’s not perfect but tries to live a life holy and pleasing to God the best he can, and it shows.
He’s real.
He’s passionate about his dreams.
He’s my favorite Daddy in the whole world and I’m so honored to say I’m his little girl.

Happy Birthday Daddy!
(If you know him, you know this picture is a total joke;) He really is a happy go lucky guy.)
Grace Claire Photography

2 thoughts on “Daddy O { Happy Birthday }

  1. I love this guy!! LoL and this pose is too funny!! He and Mrs. Denise certainly did an amazing job raising their kids…the years I spent at New Hope were no doubt the best years of my life growing up…I still love you all!!

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