Sarah { Maternity and Family }

Hey guys!! Meet the Billiot family! I loved this family. Sarah found me on Facebook one day and contacted me for her Maternity pictures. Then she told me these guys never had pictures together! Oh my goodness, I felt so honored. They were so so sweet and laid back:) Kaden is one handsome five yearContinue reading “Sarah { Maternity and Family }”

Ryan and Shanea: Maternity

Hey Hey!! Woah buddy this week got away from me! I couldn’t even remember what day it was today. Gosh. I think this month is the month of babies and bellies because oh my goodness I have been busy! A good busy though. I posted on Facebook today, I was on a photographer’s high. IContinue reading “Ryan and Shanea: Maternity”

Ashley and Rance : Maternity

Hey! Oh Ash. She is one beautiful Momma! I loved this couple and how their shoot turned out. I don’t get to shoot Maternity as often as I’d like but I LOVE it. I love the belly and the connection between mom and dad to be:) Side note: I kind of sorta nickname my clients.Continue reading “Ashley and Rance : Maternity”