Henry and Adele: Cousins :)




So, let’s just get right to it. Adele and Henry are some of the most beautiful babies ever and they made six months!!!
They are cousins that are just two weeks apart:) They remind me of me and my cousin Cory, because we were only a couple of months apart. We were inseparable growing up, as I’m sure these two will be too. I loved their whole gallery.
You can really see their little personalities shining through:) Adele seems to be a little adventurous, while Henry is totally chill. They crack me up and make my heart skip a beat. I love these two sweet babies.
I can’t wait to see them in a couple of months when they hit the nine month mark!

Ryan and Shanea: Maternity

Hey Hey!!
Woah buddy this week got away from me! I couldn’t even remember what day it was today. Gosh. I think this month is the month of babies and bellies because oh my goodness I have been busy! A good busy though. I posted on Facebook today, I was on a photographer’s high. I am seriously so giddy and overwhelmingly happy about all of my new and returning clients in the next few weeks. Did I mention I love my job? I love it like it’s my baby. <3
Speaking of baybay’s…

Ryan and Shanea are having a baby!!!! Ryan is like my second little brother. He is my cousin, but we grew up with houses right next door and we pretty much stayed at each others house all the time. If you know my family, you know the phrase.. “Aaron and Ryan did it”. Aaron(my brother) and Ryan got into this or that… and was always into something…always. I’m so proud of this dude though. He’s an amazing daddy and an awesome husband. He married Shanea this last Spring and we couldn’t be happier for her to join the family. I love these two birds and am so happy they asked me to shoot their maternity pictures for them. I can’t wait for John Luke to get here!!!! <3

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Ashley and Rance : Maternity

Oh Ash.
She is one beautiful Momma! I loved this couple and how their shoot turned out. I don’t get to shoot Maternity as often as I’d like but I LOVE it.
I love the belly and the connection between mom and dad to be:) Side note: I kind of sorta nickname my clients. Hope thats okay. I’m like my Dad in that way. He would always change my friends names. So Ashley is Ash to me and I just can’t help it. :)
Ash and Rance booked a Grow With Me Collection so I get to meet baby Charley and play with her throughout the year! I’m so excited because I’ve been seeing her pictures on Instagram and she’s so beautiful with a head full of hair!! I get so giddy just thinking about her shoot:)

Happy Saturday and hope you enjoy their session.
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Taylor: Cheer 2013


Hey hey! So meet Taylor! I love this girl! Her smile and those dimples!!! Can you say gorgeous!? Taylor has been letting me photograph her for the past two years and I’m head over heels she keeps coming back! Really though, I love the whole Danos/Walker compound;) Happy Friday y’all!
Taylor Cheer Portraits Taylor Cheer Portraits

Oh Hey! New Frames!

So, I’ve been in love with The Organic Bloom frame company when I was still in the dreaming phase of opening for business. I’ve  always wanted to offer something different and be a little “boutique like” business. I wanted to offer these from the beginning and am finally getting around to doing that. I’ve recently changed a few things in my Collections and added these frames to my new Grow With Me Collections. I love them and really hope you guys do too.
They come in a bunch of different styles and colors, but here’s a few examples of what I have on hand right now:)

Organic Bloom Organic Bloom Organic Bloom Organic Bloom Organic Bloom Organic BloomOrganic Bloom

Matt and Kelly: Engagements

Meet Matt and Kelly :)I’ve known Matt for a couple of years now through church. His mom and I are actually friends. I was so delighted when she asked if I’d take their engagements. I wish you guys all the best on your married life together. <3
These are some of my favorites from their session.
Matt and Kelly GCP_0246 copy 2 GCP_0263 copy GCP_0278 copy GCP_0320 copy GCP_0332 copy GCP_0356 copy GCP_0400 copy 2 GCP_0421 copy GCP_0445 copy 2

Here We Go!

Hey Guys!
So, I started a blog…again. I’ve never really been a big blogger but I’m going to try to keep up with this one!
I’m really hoping to get in the habit of blogging sessions and little tidbits of my life for you guys to get to know me and share with your friends :)
I’ve had quite a few new followers on Facebook and Instagram the last few months so for those of you that don’t know, I’ll try to combine a little about me and my family with a few pictures thrown in for ya:

I started my photography journey a little over 3 years ago and haven’t looked back. If you’ve been following me for any amount of time, you’ve probably figured out my name isn’t Grace Claire:) My girls are Emma Grace and Madeline Claire and they are what made me pick up my first professional camera. I always test out new locations, new props, and fresh inspiration out on them.
I absolutely love my job. I love love love all of my clients. God has seriously blessed me with some of the most amazing clients. It’s funny because I really am super shy…well I used to be anyway, God is changing me. Because before this, I would NEVER get in front of people and shoot a wedding. EVER. I hated being in front of people. I’d get all shakey and sweaty and my legs would wanna give out. That still happens sometimes , but not nearly as bad ha! So, it really just amazes me that I even do what I do. Anyways, my husband and I are also in ministry at our church and always have something going on over at New Hope:) We love Jesus and just wanna spread His love. We’re a regular ole couple who like to play games and watch movies… and we like coffee. A lot.
Speaking of my husband…Justin is my main man. I love my handsome hubby so much. He puts up with my messiness and my constant need for junk food. ;)
He seriously is the best man I could ever dream of to be my husband. He loves Jesus with all his heart and is an all around sweet guy. We are so different it’s funny. He will talk to anyone and everyone he see’s while we are out, but me? I would rather not strike up a 10 minute conversation with a person I met 10 years ago at a party once. He’s just so friendly, I wish I could be that way…sigh. He likes to work out and eat healthy stuff, I’d rather be a couch potato and have a bag of chips and cookies.
He’s just one awesome dude and I love my squeaky clean muscle man.

Then there is my Emma Grace. My girly girl. My sweetness. My early bird. She will offer to pray for you at the drop of hat:) She dances with all her heart. My first girl and has been my princess since the beginning.


Oh Maddie Girl. She’s my littlest. My baby. There is nothing like the baby in the family. She is something else this girl. Headstrong. One of kind. Dresses herself with her own little style all on her own. She has a HUGE heart. She will share without being told. She loves animals. She’s kind. My little Madeline Claire.

So, before I continue on and embarrass myself, I’ll end it here. I apologize for the bad grammar and ramblings. I tend to do that…rambling that is.
I’ll be adding new posts and pictures soon!

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