Marriage | Grace Claire Photography

Marriage. Love. and all that Jazz.

Happy 30 Year Anniversary to my parents.

These two are the prime example of what a marriage should be like.
They are pretty inseparable and just an amazing couple all around.
They fight but they love harder. They are there for each other and for us… and you.
They are better together.
When my Mom isn’t around my Dad spends half his life looking for her. She has a habit of disappearing and he walks around with wide eyes wondering where she’s wandered off to:) ( You’d have to know them to understand I think, because she doesn’t literally disappear. )
My mom is definitely a Proverbs 31 woman. She takes care of my Dad like no other. She makes sure his plate is fixed on the table. And buys him new clothes if he just mentions he needs something. She stands by him.
My Daddy treats her like the queen that we all know she is:) He protects her and makes her laugh and laugh and laugh. ;)

I look up to these two so much and for so many reasons. I am so so so proud these two are MY people. My example.
Happy Anniversary to the most amazing Parents, Pastors, and Friends a girl could ever ask for.

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