I Heart Thursdays.

I love Thursdays. I always have.
Growing up in church my whole life, we’d go to church on Sundays,Wednesdays, and music practice on Mondays, so Thursdays have always been an off day. It’s the day before Friday! It’s a day of good t.v. shows and lazy nights. My dad would bake cookies and could chill with the family before he’d have to start preparing his message for Sunday service. I guess it’s my favorite because one of my top love languages is quality time and we get that on Thursdays:) It’s just been my favorite day of the week since as long as I can remember. Now, the absolute best time is Thursdays in the FALL! We love the Fall. South Louisiana’s weather in the Fall is perfect to me, not too cold not too hot. Just right. I’m getting so giddy and excited just thinking about what’s right around the corner:)
Happy Thursday!

Grace Claire Photography

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