Cora { Grow With Me }

Hey Hey!
Happy (Late)Friday!!
Cora hasn’t made it to the blog yet but has been a client for a few months now:)
Oh Cora. I love this little one. I love following her momma on Facebook and seeing all of her pictures on Instagram. Little miss ma’am didn’t wanna smile for me too much both days we did her 6 month shoot. One day it rained on us and the next day she just wanted to sleep.
Her momma Haley, is freaking awesome. Seriously, Haley, I love ya gal. She lets me be a little bit creative and trusts my judgement for each shoot AND she is just super super sweet. Cora was so sleepy for her shoot so Haley put her to sleep and we got some sleepy time shots.
OMG. I feel like every time I shoot Cora, I grow a little tiny bit. I always end up shooting something I’ve never shot before, whether it be a pose or whatever. I’ve wanted to shoot naked babies sleeping between the ages of 0-12months for a long time. Yep, I like them sweet chubby baby cheeks. :)
It’s just so doggon sweet and innocent. I love how these came out and love me some baby Cora<3

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