Petrella Family

Hey y’all!
So, some of you may know that I’m very fond of the Walker/Danos compound. I talk about them often and shoot their family and children’s portraits every so often:)
Well, Jamie Jo is the sister in law and this is HER lovely family:) This is another family that is becoming very close to my heart. I get so invested in my families that I photograph. We become friends and I genuinely care about them.
Mrs.Rose has let me shoot a couple of shoots on her property and I was so very happy when Jamie Jo asked me to come photograph them as a family. I was a little bit emotional editing them because Monday makes a year I lost my sweet grandma and I’m so glad Charley Rose will have these treasured memories with hers. Grandma and Grandpas are so so special and it’s nice to be able to have pictures of them and WITH them.
You’ll be seeing more of Charley Rose in a couple of weeks but for now here’s the beautiful Petrella Family:)


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