Charley {Newborn}

Okay. So you guys… I’ve wanted to photograph my clients at my house ever since I opened up shop.
I love going on location, but sometimes its nice to have a place for just you. I’ve done a few sessions here and they were awesome, but this time I got to shoot a full newborn session. I’m so excited!
I was so so happy when Ash said they’d rather have the session at my house. It was so relaxed!  I do love being able to go to my clients home and shoot there, its just a totally different session to me. But really, every session is different. I try to shoot a little different, or maybe focus on certain things that I didn’t with the client before. I try to make every session unique for each client, but yet have consistency. Makes sense? Here I am yet again blabbering away…. I’m just trying to get you to see where I’m coming from and why sometimes sessions may or may not look the same. It’s really just how the session flows:)

Anyways… Ash and Rance are so stinking cute together and baby makes three is even cuter! I love this couple. I could have sat and talked with Ashley another 3 hours about mommy and house stuff. Little Charley is so loved and so so gorgeous<3 Seriously, you guys did good. She’s adorable. Just look at that hair! :)

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