Ellie {Newborn}

Oh.My God.
I love love love newborn sessions. Love them ya heard. Babies are one of my most favorite clients to photograph. I love the squishiness and raw emotion I get from them. If I could book a newborn shoot every couple of weeks I would be a happy photog. So tell ya friends;) Haha.

Okay so back to Ellie. I am in love with this sweet little girl. She is so petite and her features are so dainty to me. I seriously love my little clients. Like I can’t even explain it. Maybe because I put my whole heart into my sessions that they kind of have a little piece of it.

Ellie. Number one, I love her name. Her name is Liora Elizabeth ( L E ), but they call her Ellie. How freaking cute is that!? She looks like an Ellie. hehe. Number Two, her parents are so doggon sweet. And her grandma, who was at the session for a little bit, was super super nice! That may seem totally lame for me to mention, but guys, being nice to me stands out so much. When you are super sweet and just genuinely kind , you got me.
Number three, I get to photograph this sweet baby for a whole year! I can’t even tell you how excited I am to be able to do that.
Grow With Me Collections are the best thing I ever did. It’s a win win on both sides. You get tons of pictures( TONS ) and I get to play with your baby all year long :)
BTW, thanks for taking the time to read my blog. I know I’m all over the place with introducing clients and my ramblings about how much I love stuff, that’s me. Hope you stick around. ;)

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